Wedding Insurance for a Global Pandemic

Wedding Insurance for a Global Pandemic

Wedding Insurance for a Global Pandemic. Mobile Image

Jul 21, 2020

We at, Perfect Event’s by Jan wanted to talk about budgets and specifically insurance. Regardless if it is home, health, life, auto or wedding insurance everyone hates paying for insurance but love when they have it, if it is needed. 


If you are wondering why a global pandemic isn’t in any insurance policy as a covered reason, you are not alone. So far, Global Pandemic insurance is just a myth. Just a few months ago, no one would have possibly imagined that the entire county and many parts of the world would be in some state of lock down. We have never seen contagion or government issued quarantine included in an insurance policy. 


We all want to know what is the new normal going to be and we can imagine there will be some changes coming in insurance policies.  If you would like to learn more about wedding insurance and see some options check out this article.  It provides a simple overview of wedding insurance companies based on policy options, customer service and cost. Insurance costs vary but typically run $80 - $400. 


Even if global pandemic isn’t covered, there are a lot of other things which could go wrong?  This list is endless!  Of course, a planner is your first line of defense and is there to confirm and confirm again expectations with each vendor and business partner. For a wedding, the 1st thing booked is often the church. Does a church ever get double booked?  Yes, it does!  


A planner will ensure that every vendor has a backup plan. For example, if the makeup person is sick on the wedding day, who is the back-up?  There should be a back-up for the wedding planner too!  The list of potential problems goes on and on. Your planner should be on top of everything!  What if there is a weather event?  There is a tornado in Illinois, a cold snap in Texas for an outdoor wedding, a hurricane on the beach for the honeymoon or destination wedding, the list goes on and on. If something doesn’t work out, insurance can provide some relief.



Bottom line is it is worth looking at the cost vs. risk. If you have a professional, certified event planner like Perfect Events by Jan you have someone looking out for the business side of your event so you can focus on the fun. Jan is a Certified Project Manager (PMP) and will professionally handle the time, budget and scope of any event. Investing in a planner and insurance will reduce the risk of potential problems and provide a dedicated expert to handle everything.

Perfect Events by Jan offers professional planning and execution for events and weddings filled with happiness and joy. 

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