The Ultimate Wedding Dress Shopping Timeline

The Ultimate Wedding Dress Shopping Timeline

The Ultimate Wedding Dress Shopping Timeline. Mobile Image

Dec 18, 2023

Hey there, future bride-to-be! Ready for the ultimate scoop on wedding dress shopping? Trust us, it's the most exciting part of your wedding planning journey. Picture this: scrolling through endless bridal gown inspo on TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. Sounds dreamy, right? But hold up, it can get a bit overwhelming if you're not sure where and when to kick off the search.


Your wedding dress isn’t just a piece of clothing; it's like the superhero cape of your love story, individuality, and the start of your happily-ever-after. It's going to hold a special place in your heart and everyone else's who witnesses your big day. So, why not kickstart your wedding planning on a fun and stylish note? It'll give you that extra boost to check off all those to-dos!


Now, here's the deal: In the whirlwind of excitement, don't forget about having a well-thought-out wedding dress shopping timeline. Sticking to the plan helps ease stress, gives you enough time to order your dress, and sets you up for fabulous alterations. Plus, it keeps you from that last-minute panic of compromising your vision or blowing your budget. Lucky for you, we've got your back with the ultimate wedding dress shopping timeline below. Let's make those dream appointments happen!


When To Start Browsing Dresses


So, when's the best time to dive into the wedding dress world? Around the 12-to-18-month mark is the sweet spot. That's when you start diving into design inspo, checking out boutiques, and figuring out your budget game. Pro tip: Have a hint of the season and venue vibe you're eyeing – it'll make the whole process a breeze. When you hit the 10-to-12-month mark, it's shopping time!



Now, let's talk about the wedding gown shopping timeline. It's a bit of a rollercoaster and depends on factors like engagement length, destination wedding plans, and whether your gown is off the rack or made to order. Let's break it down:


12 to 18 Months Before the Wedding: Dive into the inspo, research styles, and set your budget vibes.

10 to 12 Months Before the Wedding: Hit those boutiques for the first try-on spree.

8 to 10 Months Before the Wedding: Decision time – pick your gown, place your order, and watch the magic unfold.

6 to 8 Months Before the Wedding: Accessorize like a pro. Veils, shoes, bling – bring it on!

3 Months Before the Wedding: First fitting alert! Time to make those tweaks and nail the perfect fit.

6 Weeks Before the Wedding: Round two – final tweaks and strut your stuff to make sure you won't trip down the aisle.

3 Weeks Before the Wedding: Final touches – pick up that dress, make sure it's flawless, and learn how to bustle it like a boss.


How Long Does It Take To Buy a Wedding Dress?

Now, let's talk real talk: How long does it take to buy a wedding dress? As we mentioned earlier, it happens between the 8- and 10-month mark. 


Remember, patience is key in this game. It takes around 4-6 months to order the dress, followed by another three months for those magical alterations. So, start early, book appointments in advance, and stay organized with a wedding planning calendar or app. You've got this!



Now, let's tackle that checklist for wedding dress shopping!


Set your budget (and stick to it!)

Create a vision board – because who doesn't love a good mood board?

Choose your shopping squad wisely (small is beautiful, people!)

Book those appointments in advance (they fill up fast!)

Rock the right undergarments – nude strapless bra, check!

Eat something before and stay hydrated – you're in for a marathon of dress trying!


When you finally make it to your appointment, keep an open mind. Sure, bring your inspo, but trust your consultant if they throw something unexpected your way. They're the pros, after all!


Be honest about your budget and preferences – no one wants a Cinderella moment that turns into a financial pumpkin. And look at that dress from all angles! Your guests and photographer will appreciate it on the big day. 



Now, let's dive into the wedding dress shopping experience – what to expect:


A warm welcome awaits you, like a bridal fairy godmother.

A cozy consultation to chat about your dream wedding day.

Budget talk – let's keep it real from the get-go.

Dress choosing time – let the magic begin!

Trying on dresses – cue the bridal fashion show!

Evaluation time – feel it, love it, or leave it.

Narrowing down choices – like a glamorous showdown.

Photos and notes – because memory fades, but photos last forever.

Discussion and feedback – your thoughts matter!

Accessory consideration – the icing on the bridal cake.

Final decision – drumroll, please!

Celebration – you’ve found “the one!”

Scheduling follow-ups – alterations, fittings, and all that jazz.

Payment and contract – making it official.

Thanking the boutique – gratitude is always in style.


Your dress shopping experience should be enjoyable, stress-free, and a celebration from start to finish. Trust your instincts, take your time, and relish every step. Your wedding dress is not just an outfit; it's the essence of your love story and the beautiful journey ahead.



And here's a bonus tip: After the big day, ask your bridal shop for wedding dress preservation tips. You can either keep it boxed and pristine for the memories or spread the love and sell/donate it for another bride's dream come true.


Now that you're armed with all the deets, go ahead and book your bridal appointment with us at Volle’s Bridal! We’re ready to help you find “the one!”