Regular Glasses Wearer? Here’s How to Choose the Right Contact Lenses for Your Wedding

Regular Glasses Wearer? Here’s How to Choose the Right Contact Lenses for Your Wedding

Wedding days are almost always a nerve-wracking celebration. Wedding planning publication Brides reports that over 40% of couples find the preparation for the event extremely stressful. Brides, especially, want everything to go perfectly, and understandably so. This includes looking their best for the ceremony.


With 166 million people needing vision correction in the country, it’s not uncommon to find a bride that needs prescription lenses. While there’s nothing wrong with wearing glasses on your big day, many brides also prefer forgoing them for the sake of styling or convenience. Additionally, some brides prefer not to have their faces partly covered by glasses. On top of this, another popular reason is for the pictures – glasses can reflect some of the bright lights during the event and distract from the bride’s face. In this case, you may be better off wearing contacts instead.


Same as the other details of your wedding, your contacts have to be the best fit as well. If you need help choosing, here are a few things to consider when getting contacts for your wedding.


Hydrating properties


With most weddings being a whole day affair, a bride’s comfort is of the utmost priority. This is true for contact lenses, as the wrong choice can be such a bother that it ruins her special day. One way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to get non-drying contacts to avoid any discomfort or irritation. The Acuvue Oasys contacts are gentle and do not dry out easily as they are made with innovative Hydraclear® Technology that keeps the eyes moist throughout the day. Lenses like these feel almost like you’re not wearing any at all, making them ideal even for first-time wearers. With moist lenses, brides are guaranteed comfort throughout their wedding day.


Lens type


There are two main types of contact lenses, and it’s up to the bride’s vision to determine which one to get. Hard lenses are for those with certain eye conditions, and they are typically used long-term. On the other hand, soft lenses, like the Biotrue OneDay pack, are more for general use and require less upkeep than hard ones. They’re designed to mimic the lipid layer of the eye for maximum breathability, reducing the chances of getting infections. If you’re not required to get hard lenses because of your prescription, it’s recommended to get soft contacts for your wedding so that you're more comfortable. Since they're easier to maintain, you also won't have to worry about keeping them lubricated or properly stored.


Usage variety


With so much happening during their wedding day, it goes without saying that brides would appreciate a bit of convenience. For contacts, this means choosing which usage format to go with. The most common choices are dailies, weeklies, and monthlies, indicating how long they can be used and reused. Brides that regularly wear contacts may own monthlies that they take care of, but eye experts advise using daily lenses, like the Dailies Total1 contacts, for your wedding. Each pair comes in a sterile saline solution, meaning that you can wear a fresh pair at the start of the ceremony and easily change into spares should you need to replace them throughout the day.


Lens Color


Apart from helping you see, contact lenses are also a way to inject your personal style into your wedding look. Many brides love to make a statement on their special day, as explored by a previous article on ‘Black Wedding Dresses’. Going non-traditional is a unique way to make your wedding memorable, so why not change your eye color as well? This is made possible with colored contacts, like the ones from leading brand Alcon Inc and their Air Optix Colors. They recently came out with a Gemstone line that can transform your eyes into the colors Amethyst, Turquoise, and Sapphire. It’s a fun way to enhance your eye color and make sure they sparkle on your wedding day.


Article written by Renae Jane


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