Mother of the Bride/Groom Wedding Gowns

Mother of the Bride/Groom Wedding Gowns

When it comes to weddings, the focus is often on the bride and groom, but let's not forget the mothers of the couple, who deserve to look and feel their best on this special day. At Volle's Bridal & Boutique, we understand the significance of this role and want to invite you to our National Bridal Summer Event through July 22nd, where we will be offering exclusive discounts on both bridal and “mother of” gowns! In this blog, we’re going to guide you through the process of finding the perfect gown for this momentous occasion, and why shopping in person with the help of our expert stylists is the key to ensuring you look absolutely stunning on your child's wedding day!


Mother of the wedding gown


The Best Time to Shop for Your Gown


When it comes to finding the ideal mother of the bride/groom gown, timing is crucial. We recommend starting your search approximately 7-8 months before the wedding date. Shopping early allows you to have access to the widest array of colors, sizes, and styles, ensuring you can find a dress that perfectly complements both your personal taste and the wedding theme. This way, you won't feel rushed or pressured into making a hasty decision.


The Latest Trends for Mother's Dresses


Fashion trends for mother of the bride/groom gowns are constantly evolving, and at Volle's Bridal & Boutique, we stay ahead of the curve. Currently, prints, textures, and brocade fabrics are making waves in the wedding fashion scene. These materials add depth and richness to the gown, providing a sophisticated and elegant look. Our collection features a wide range of designs that incorporate these trends, giving you plenty of options to choose from.



The Value of Shopping In-Person with a Stylist


While online shopping might seem convenient, our experience at Volle's Bridal & Boutique has shown us that shopping in-person with the help of a professional stylist is the best way to ensure you find the dress of your dreams. We have had countless mothers come to us after ordering dresses online, only to find themselves unhappy with their choices. Our expert stylists take the time to understand your preferences, body shape, and style, and then guide you through our collection to find the most flattering options. With their expertise, you'll have an efficient and enjoyable shopping experience, ultimately discovering a gown that will make you feel beautiful and confident on the big day.


Mother of the Wedding gown


Finding the ideal mother of the bride/groom gown is an essential part of preparing for the wedding day. With the latest trends of prints, textures, and brocade fabrics, you're sure to discover a gown that complements your style and the wedding theme. At Volle's Bridal & Boutique, our expert stylists are dedicated to helping you find the perfect dress, ensuring you feel confident and beautiful as you support your child on their special day. So, don't miss the National Bridal Summer Event though July 22nd; reserve your spot today and let us make your shopping experience truly unforgettable!