Landing Side Gigs for Brides-to-Be Looking for Extra Cash

Landing Side Gigs for Brides-to-Be Looking for Extra Cash

As a bride-to-be, planning your wedding can be fun and exciting, but it can soon turn into a stressful endeavor as you consider all the expenses involved in putting together the perfect ceremony, reception, dinner and party. Add to that the cost of printing and mailing invitations, flowers, and your dream wedding gown, and you can end up with a pretty hefty price tag for your nuptials. So here are some tips to make extra income before you say “I do.”


Work at a Bridal Dress Shop


Are you in love with the wedding dress you recently purchased? Would you enjoy helping other brides-to-be pick out the perfect dress for their big day? If so, consider working at the bridal shop where you purchased your dress. Many dress shops, including Volle’s Bridal and Boutique, are looking for workers to assist them and their customers. If you’re interested in working at Volle’s Bridal, please email to learn more about our business and the positions we currently have available.


Assess Your Marketable Skills


If you’re employed full-time, start by brainstorming ideas for side jobs you could do early in the morning, on your lunch break, at night, or on weekends. Consider the needs of the people around you: maybe your neighbors need someone to walk their dogs, or to pick up their kids after school. An elderly or homebound person may need assistance with grocery deliveries and light housekeeping. Outside of home services, pet sitting, and babysitting jobs, there are other freelance opportunities you may want to consider depending on your skillset. If you have a good head for numbers, you can work freelance as an accountant for a small business in your area. If you have a special talent – playing an instrument, speaking a foreign language, or any other activity you can teach someone – you can organize individual or group classes. And thanks to the internet and video conferencing software, you don’t even have to leave your house to make that extra cash!


Advertise Your Services


Now that you’ve pinpointed what services you can trade for money, your next step is to find clients without spending too much cash on advertising. To start, design and print some attractive business cards or flyers you can pass around at work, at the gym, or in your neighborhood. Call on your family, friends, and colleagues to spread the word about your services. Once you land your first client, ask them if they can refer you to people they know that may be interested in hiring you. Don’t forget to use the power of social media to reach out to a larger audience: join online groups catering to people in your community, and look into job posting sites and freelance marketplaces. Create an online profile for your small business, listing your area of expertise and the hours you are available to work and make sure you respond to inquiries from potential clients in a timely manner in order to get the gig!


Launch a Side Business 


If you want to take your side gig to the next level, consider starting a limited liability company and becoming a full-fledged small business owner. The process may seem complicated at first, but the advantages are manifold: First, your business will have more credibility if it’s run as an LLC, and you’ll be able to land bigger and better clients. Second, separating your business and personal assets will protect you from liability in case of litigation. Third, having a separate bank account for your business will make things a lot easier come tax time. Fourth, you’ll be more likely to have access to funding and get business loans as your company grows, when you need to purchase equipment or if you’re planning on hiring people. The rules, regulations, and costs of forming an LLC vary by state, but you don’t have to hire a lawyer to navigate through the process in Illinois: You can find an online formation service to guide you. 


Starting your own side business is a great way to earn extra income for the big day and beyond. If you know how to market yourself, sharing your time and talent with the world can help you put extra cash in your pocket. You may even be able to quit your day job and become a full-time entrepreneur!

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