How Stressed Brides Can Stay Happy and Healthy While Wedding Planning

How Stressed Brides Can Stay Happy and Healthy While Wedding Planning

How Stressed Brides Can Stay Happy and Healthy While Wedding Planning. Mobile Image

Jun 28, 2021

Planning a wedding is very exciting, but stressful, too. According to a study from Zola, 96% of couples find wedding planning stressful, with 71% saying it’s more stressful than other major life events. Unfortunately for many women, because of the stress and pressure as their wedding day approaches, they begin to feel rundown and become susceptible to illness. If you aren’t feeling your best, take steps to regain your health as you prep for the big day. Courtesy of Volle’s Bridal & Boutique, the following tips can help you keep the stress level to a minimum


Get enough nutrients


Eating right and exercising regularly are vital to nourish and fuel both your body and your brain. Though it’s fine to want to lose some weight before your wedding day, you shouldn’t overdo the exercise and risk injury or exhaustion. And you also shouldn’t starve yourself with an unhealthy diet plan. Crash diets deplete your body of vitamins and minerals, cause health issues, and zap your energy.

Whether you are currently dieting or not, take a daily multivitamin to get all the essentials your body needs. When you don't have enough nutrients, your body has difficulty functioning, which leads to fatigue and illness. Taking a daily multivitamin can help restore your energy, improve your mood, and boost your immune system. Also vitamins, particularly B vitamins, can help lower your stress levels.

Many types of multivitamins have 100 percent or more of the recommended daily allowance of necessary vitamins and minerals, but some of them also contain ingredients that you don’t want. When picking a multivitamin, choose the one that’s guaranteed to have no questionable ingredients, and make sure it says that it’s bioavailable – meaning your body will absorb the nutrients easily.


Get enough sleep

Don’t spend your nights tossing and turning and worrying about all your wedding details. Insomnia and sleep deprivation cause a number of problematic issues including increased irritability, poor focus, weakened immune system, weight gain, reduced sex drive, and escalation of anxiety. Though it may be tough, you should aim to get seven to eight hours of quality sleep each night.

Set yourself up for sleep success by making sure your bedroom is comfortable and free of distractions. Most people prefer their sleeping space to be cool and dark, so you may need to hang blackout curtains. Remove your TV, computer, and smartphone from the bedroom, so you won’t be tempted to stay up binge-watching shows or surfing the internet. When it comes to electronics, research suggests you should avoid them altogether for at least two hours right before you go to bed, because the blue light emitted from devices can suppress melatonin production. Of course, you also shouldn’t drink caffeinated or alcoholic beverages in the evenings either, as they can keep you awake or cause restless sleep.

You can also improve your sleep by taking good care of your teeth. In addition to brushing and flossing on a regular basis, you should take extra steps if you’re suffering from dental problems. Misaligned teeth, for example, can not only make it difficult to keep teeth clean, but it can also interrupt your sleep. Fortunately, at-home clear teeth aligners for young adults, such as byte and SmileDirectClub, can correct mild to moderate issues with misaligned teeth in a few months. What’s more, you can get the treatment started at home at a fraction of the cost of traditional aligners or braces, and you don’t need to set aside time for a dentist’s appointment.

Get enough support

Though wedding planning is fun, it can leave you feeling stressed and burned out, too. A good support system is important in all aspects of life and can be helpful if you are struggling while preparing for your wedding. Lean on your fiance, mom, maid of honor, and the rest of your squad to help you out. Don’t be hesitant to loosen the reins and delegate some of the duties. Your wedding will still turn out beautifully even if you're not the one handling every single tiny detail.

Every second of your life shouldn’t be consumed with your upcoming wedding. When you are feeling especially stressed, do something you enjoy that takes your mind off it – whether that means daily meditation or a weekend away from it all. Taking care of yourself is extremely important; you don’t want to become so worn out or ill by your wedding day that you can’t enjoy it. By getting enough nutrients, sleep, and support, you can reduce stress, stay healthy, and relish every minute of your big day.


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