Getting Married in a Year? Here’s Why You Should Start Shopping Now

Getting Married in a Year? Here’s Why You Should Start Shopping Now

Although it might seem like it’s way too early to consider buying your wedding dress, now is actually the ideal time to get started! At Volle’s Bridal & Boutique, we always let our brides know that “the sooner, the better” is the mindset to have! If you’re preparing for a wedding one year out from now, read on for more information on why you should seriously consider looking at wedding gowns now:



Finding the perfect wedding dress is a magical experience, no doubt about it! However, it can be sort of stressful for some people, which is totally normal. Typically, wedding gowns take anywhere between 6-9 months to create, and ship plus you want to leave 2-3 months for alterations to make the dress even more perfect.




There have been some delays lately in shipping wedding dresses, which is nothing to fear but it never hurts to get ahead in case things end up taking longer than you anticipated! 


We know that you’re excited to go gown shopping, so why wait, anyway? Like we said, it’s always best to get ahead of the game in this scenario. Plus, why put off the fun of finding that perfect dress?

If you’re ready to get started finding your dream wedding gown, our professionals at Volle’s Bridal & Boutique are ready to help! Book an appointment with us today!