You said YES when the ring was slipped on your finger.  You couldn’t wait to change your relationship status on Facebook and you posted a picture of your new bling for all of your friends to see.  You want to start planning right away; everyone wants to know when the big day will be.  What should you do first?  How to you start planning one of the most exciting days of your life?  Start with the Big Three: venue, photography and your wedding dress.

First thing first, you and your future spouse need to figure out how much money you have or would like to spend on your wedding.  Wherever the funds are coming from, it’s best to know what amount of money you will be spending on the wedding.  Then it’s time to break down the budget dollar by dollar.  The three most expensive budget line items (in order of expense) should be your venue, photography and your wedding dress.


Your venue expense should include the site of the wedding ceremony and the reception along with the cost of the food and beverages you will be serving your guests. Most wedding venues start booking weddings at least one year in advance.  Depending on where you live, certain months are more popular due to weather, so certain dates fill up faster than others.  Certain dates may be offered at a discounted rate due to seasonal temperatures or they are traditionally hard to book dates.  Picking your venue really sets the mood for you wedding, so it’s a great idea to get this task out of the way first.


The next most expensive budget item is your photography.  Long after the cake has been eaten and the flowers have wilted, your wedding photographs are the one treasure of your wedding day you will keep forever.  Not only will the photographer take great shots of you and your spouse, but they will capture your guests sharing the day with you.  It’s tempting to choose a photographer by price since it is such an expensive wedding budget item.  Consider the photographer’s reputation, their artistic style and the level of comfort you feel when you meet with potential photographers.  Always ask to see samples of their work and find out what is truly included in their fee.  Choose your photographer soon after you book your venue.

Wedding Dress

After you book your venue and select your photographer, it’s time to find your dream wedding dress.  Often time’s brides are restricted by a dollar amount because they shop for their dress after they have planned out all the details of their wedding right down to the icing on the cake.  By purchasing your wedding dress ahead of the smaller details, you leave yourself a wiggle room in your budget.  After all, what’s your amazing photographer going to be taking lots and lots of pictures of?  You in your wedding dress at your spectacular venue.  There lots of suggestions for cutting corners and saving a buck or two when it comes down to the details of the wedding.  Choosing a gown based on price has the potential to leave you heartbroken and regretting your gown purchase decision.  Purchase decisions should be made no less than 9 month before the wedding date, giving you plenty of time to work out the details of the wedding.

Stay tuned to our weekly tips for money saving suggestions so you can purchase the dress of your dreams at Volle’s Bridal and Boutique.  Remember, start with the Big Three and the rest will be a piece of cake.

With love,