This week’s Tuesday Tip from Deanna is…keep it a secret.

Almost most every bride I meet is over the top excited about her wedding. She is quick to whip out her smart phone and flip through Pinterest pages and personal wedding websites showcasing every detail of her wedding. Large groups of family member, relatives, bridesmaids and friend are brought into Volle’s Bridal and Boutique of Lake Zurich so the blushing bride can show off her dress and gush about the tiniest details of the wedding with the large group. Here is some advice…keep it a secret. Not just your dress, but the details of the wedding.

When it comes to your wedding, here is what I suggest. Dole out small bits of information like the overall theme or the colors of the wedding, but stop there. Don’t give away all the little details which will make your wedding stand out among the many weddings your guest will attend. An element of surprise will only add to the anticipation and excitement your guests are likely to experience as your big day quickly approaches.

Of course, certain people need to know the most intimate details of the wedding because they are helping you plan the big day. Keep the circle tight and resist the urge to post pictures on social media websites and your personal wedding website. Let the guests of your wedding experience the magic of your wedding for the first time in person on the big day.

Every bride has a different vision of her wedding, but the end goal is always the same: a magical day that ends with “and they lived happily ever after.” If you ever visited the place described by many as the “happiest place on Earth,” think back to when you first saw the elegant, fairytale castle at the end of the midway. You were probably awestruck at the sight of it and all the other little details like the music, flowers and scenery surrounding you. Why not recreate that magical feeling for your guests as they experience your wedding? The magic is in the details and even the company known worldwide for creating memorable, magical experiences doesn’t give away all of its secrets.

Volle’s Bridal and Boutique of Lake Zurich is a truly magical place. We have been creating magic in our bridal shop for nearly 43 years. Over 53,000 brides have worn dresses from Volle’s Bridal and Boutique of Lake Zurich on their wedding day. We love helping brides select the best kept secret of their wedding.

Thank for reading this week’s tip and until we meet again, may all your dreams come true.

With love,