It takes months and months of planning to pull off your big day, sometimes even a year or more!  You obsess about every little detail and lose sleep over finding the perfect shade of pink to match the invitations to the flowers to the bridesmaid’s dresses.  Here’s a tip to help you take some of the stress out of one of your biggest decisions which is purchasing your wedding gown:  Start with a clean palate.

When shopping for your wedding gown, you should go neutral.  From your undergarments to your hairstyle, when shopping for a wedding gown, it is important to see you, not your leopard printed underwear or an armful of colorful bangles.

Start with a base of neutral undergarments.  Consider wearing a neutral colored strapless bra such as a white or nude.  Colorful and printed bras are certainly fun to wear, but they might show through some of the white or ivory gowns and become distracting.  You will feel more comfortable with a neutral base of undergarments, as will your consultant and your guests.

Keep your jewelry to a minimum.  Large colorful, chunky necklaces might be the latest spring accessory, but unless you plan to wear it down the aisle, leave it at home.  Simple jewelry or no jewelry at all lets you focus on the dress.  That being said, if you have a particular accessory you plan on wearing down the aisle, bring it along and let your consultant know you are looking to incorporating the accessory into your final look.   She may be able to suggest ways to incorporate the piece or even suggest a dress which will complement the vintage broach or family heirloom you plan on wearing.

Practice your aisle hairstyle.  When brides are trying to find their dress, they often get hung up on the minor details, like how they will wear their hair on their wedding day.  Consider styling your hair in a similar way to how you might want to wear it.  Your hair is one of your best accessories, so seeing your hair in a low, loose bun vs. a ponytail might make all the difference when deciding on a dress.

Volle’s Bridal and Boutique has an amazing selection of accessories to complement your dream dress.  Our consultants will expertly suggest the perfect veil or hair piece to complete your look, along with earrings, a necklaces and a bracelet when you find your yes dress.  We love to accessorize our brides.

Are you ready to shop for your wedding dress?  Here’s to hoping this week’s Tuesday tip will help you shop successfully for your wedding dress.  Now, grab your full coverage panties, ditch the trendy chunky necklace, sweep your hair into a twist and come on in to Volle’s Bridal and Boutique to find your dress. 

With love,