Your dress fits perfectly. Everyone has made it to the church on time.  The bridesmaids are starting to walk down the aisle.  Your bouquet is in your hand.  You are ready to go.  STOP!  How are you holding your flowers?  Are you carrying them too high?  Are your flowers too much?

After watching countless brides walk down the aisle and viewing pictures of brides for over 20 years, I have some advice when it comes to your bridal bouquet.  My advice is simple: Hold them low and less is more.

Many brides carry their flowers up too high, covering the bust line of their beautiful dress and competing with their smile.  I suggest resting your forearm on your hipbone.  If there is a significant height difference between you and your aisle escort, consider carrying your bouquet in just one hand.

When it comes to your bridal bouquet, less is definitely more.  Large, cascading bouquets are dated and shift the focus away from your face.  Keep the focus on you, not a large flower arrangement.  Large bouquets are heavy and may cover up the beautiful details of your wedding dress.  I suggest carrying a simple yet elegant bouquet.

Before you walk down the aisle, take a moment to make sure your smile will be the focus, not your flowers.  You will have plenty of time to smell the roses later.

With love,