Barbara Kavchok

About Barbara Kavchok

At Barbara Kavchok Couture the goal is to exquisitely dress brides for the most important day of their lives, by designing, producing and selling high-quality, hand-crafted wedding dresses. To ensure the perfect wedding dress for every bride, Barbara and her team of professionals are committed to creating and providing unique styles, superior quality, tailored cuts, purity of lines, expert fabric selection, and accuracy of finishes and fit. Each Barbara Kavchok wedding dress is designed and manufactured in Pennsylvania. All the while, utilizing many Eco-friendly materials  and carbon neutral techniques to ensure a Zero Waste Design Process. In addition, rather than using harsh chemicals, dyes, and bleaches that most wedding dresses are made of, Barbara Kavchok sets themselves apart by using domestically-sourced natural materials and innovative techniques. Recycled burlap? Bamboo? Breathtaking? Yes! While progressive and modern in her approach, Barbara Kavchok also respects and honors the principal rules of tradition. 

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