Planning A Wedding as an Eco-Friendly Couple

Each couple has many choices to make while they’re planning their wedding. From the moment one partner decides down to the menu choices for the wedding reception, there are many options you’ll have to take into consideration. For the couples who prioritize the needs of the environment, your wedding is a great opportunity to implement your sustainable values. Here are some tips to consider in order to optimize your eco-friendly efforts while planning your wedding.

Ring Considerations

Before your partner even gets involved in the planning, you’ve been doing some planning of your own. You found someone who you’d like to spend your life with and you’re getting ready to propose. While you’re out shopping for a ring to pop the question, you can put some green thoughts into action. There are a few eco-friendly ring considerations you might want to take into account. Perhaps you don’t even buy a ring at all and can take advantage of one of the greenest options by using a family heirloom.

Then there are the bands you and your partner will exchange on the day of your wedding. Together, you can look for rings that have been sourced from recycled metal and investigate how potential jewelers measure up to green standards.

Clothing Concerns

Once the question has been popped, there will be a gamut of wedding-related activities you’ll be dressing for. Take a look through your closet and take stock of what you have and the items you might need to supplement your wardrobe to ensure it’s wedding ready. Buying brand new items for your wardrobe is one way we as consumers are contributing to fashion’s negative impact on the environment. The single most helpful thing we can do is to extend the life of our existing clothing. When you need to buy something your closet is missing, think about buying from a consignment shop instead. By doing so, you’re helping to keep that perfectly good clothing from ending up in a landfill. Consider trying online thrift shop thredUP so you can more easily sort for brands and styles you’d find appropriate for your wedding celebrations. Browse through reasonably-priced name brand thrifted clothing and perhaps you could even work some of your nice “new” clothes into your work wardrobe, further preventing fashion waste.

Seasonal Tidbits

The time of year should be a factor that heavily plays into your planning. For both the florists and the caterers, the most environmentally friendly consideration is to use flowers and produce that are in season. For flower decor and bouquets, use flowers that are locally sourced and don’t have to travel far to get to your wedding destination. Be sure to ask the vendor, as most flowers have a considerably far journey before they reach your local florist. The same concept goes for your caterer and the menu you plan with them. Be sure that they work with local butchers or farmers for their menu items to reduce the menu’s carbon footprint. The further the travel distance, the greater the impact on the Earth.

Here Comes the Bride

Before you say yes to the dress, consider supporting designers that are also making a conscious effort to minimize their footprint. Check to see if their boutique has a website and read up on their business practices. Barbara Kavchok is just one designer who ensures their process is free of harsh chemicals, and utilizes every scrap of fabric into new designs. Wearing a gown born from a zero waste design process can send you floating down the aisle, as a beaming, beautiful, green bride.

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